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What Does ABSTINENCE Mean to You?

©All Rights Reserved – Anastasia Diamond

Abstinence is one of those words, and subjects, that means many different things to different people...

To you, abstinence may mean turning from pieces of your past…to make a new commitment before God for the future.

To you, abstinence may mean only men make this choice.

To you, abstinence may mean only women make this choice.

To you, abstinence may mean…I can do this…but not that.

To you, abstinence may mean only those with sexual hangups make this choice.

To you, abstinence may mean making a joint commitment of purity with your future spouse.

To you, abstinence may mean making a singular commitment between you and God..without any prospect of marriage.

To you, abstinence may mean believing true love waits…in purity…until entering a biblical marriage relationship.

To you, abstinence may mean choosing to be holy, as He is holy.

To you, abstinence may mean learning to love God more than your passion nature.

To you, abstinence may mean it is the safest form of birth control.

To you, abstinence may mean giving up the most important part of your life.

To you, abstinence may mean submitting your passion nature and will to His perfect will for your life.

To you, abstinence may mean protection from sexual transmitted diseases.

To you, abstinence may mean understanding that your body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

To you, abstinence may mean foolishness in today’s permissive society.

What does Abstinence mean to you?

Please leave a comment…there are soo many possible answers… and points of view. I look forward to learning what abstinence means to you. Thank you for visiting. -Anastasia

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We Capture Fragments of Memories...Caught in Pieces of Time

Fragments of Memories…Caught in Pieces of Time

PIECES: Poetry, Prose…and Prayer

Pieces of Wisdom…

©All Rights Reserved -Anastasia Diamond

True forgiveness comes…only after we choose to dig up the root of bitterness in our heart…then seal that empty space with HIS love.

How are your listening skills? Do you listen to understand…or just enough to argue and condemn? Close your mouth…and open your heart.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…there is something about that name! Every knee will bow, every tongue will confess…that Jesus Christ is Lord.

HE touched me with HIS love…John 3:16, and I am forever changed.

Thank You dear Jesus. Were it not for Your precious shed blood…I would be forever lost in the darkness…never seeing my way to You.

I receive His perfect peace today…mentally, emotionally, physically…and spiritually (As promised in John 14:27).

I put satan on notice…he is under my feet. I am a blood-bought child of GOD. Therefore, no weapon formed against me can prosper.

My Abba Father gave me a vision of a magnificent ‘Patience Garden’ as my precious husband let go of my hand…and reached out to HIS…then stepped into eternity.

Pieces of a Precious Memory

Being ‘salt and light’ in a dark world…is not a call for you to carry a salt shaker and a flashlight!

Prepare to do the work…that will prepare you to do the work…that God is preparing you to do.

When your world is shaking with chaos & you feel like you’re going to crumble…praise God & stand on the Rock of your salvation.

Follow JESUS into eternity. His Light…HIS Truth…HIS Way…HIS Life…HIS Cross…HIS Resurrection.

God said-Acknowledge HIM in all your ways. Therefore, I choose to also acknowledge HIM online…my blog, facebook and twitter.

Abba Father I pray we keep our feet on the narrower road…where Your Word is our lamp and a light unto our path.

Alone…I am a weak and brittle twig. With God…I am a strong and majestic oak.

May this day bring opportunities for each of us to shine His light in the midst of the chaos.

Some days I feel broken…then I remember You were broken for me…and look up and praise You in the midst of my trials.

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